What is a Site Specific Safety Plan?

A SSSP or SITE SPECIFIC SAFETY PLAN is what a company uses to plan, prepare and maintain the necessary systems that ensure the health and safety of their own workers , and others that might get affected by their activities, is not negatively affected while working on a project.

We offer the service of setting this up for you.
Setup will be done in such a way you can easily manage it and update it.

What is our point of difference?

Experience not only in health and safety, but many years working in the manufacturing and construction industry.

Understanding of your business and how it works.

Understanding of the challenges you face.

Setup of a detailed computer based safety system which is easy to access and update.

Excellent customer service.

We are always available for support and assistance.


Benefits of a SAFETY FILE software system

Kim Wood


  1. 30+ years experience
  2. Business owner in manufacturing
  3. Business owner in construction related products
  4. 8+ years in safety software systems